Black Londoners twice as likely to be fined for Covid-19 offences

Black Londoners twice as likely to be fined for Covid-19 offences


By LDRS Reporter Jessie Mathewson

Black Londoners are more than twice as likely to be fined under new coronavirus laws as white people, Metropolitan Police figures have revealed.

Britain entered lockdown on March 23 to slow the spread of Covid-19, with people ordered to stay at home except for essential work, food shopping, medical reasons, or limited exercise. Police were given new powers to enforce the emergency law, with £100 fines for those who break the rules.

Some 973 fines were issued in London from 27 March to 14 May, according to Met figures. But more than a quarter (26 percent) were against black Londoners, although they represent just 12 percent of the population in the capital.

Black residents were even more disproportionately represented in arrests for Covid-19 offences, making up 31 percent of those detained. In total, 232 black residents were arrested for Covid-19 offences, of a total of 747 arrests, although only 36 of these were for coronavirus breaches only.

The Met said most of the fines issued were at the start of the lockdown, particularly during periods of sunny weather. Fines have been beefed up from the initial £60 to £100 for a first-time breach, doubling for each repeat offence to a maximum of £3,200.

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