Snowflake at the Kiln Theatre

Snowflake at the Kiln Theatre


Snowflake, a play by Mike Barlett, follows a relationship between a father and his daughter. The production tells the story of underlying strains between a father and his daughter, caused by the political divide around Britain and Brexit. The play was both riveting and heartfelt.

 Clare Lizzimore, director of Snowflake and winner of the “Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre” for her production of “Bull” by Mike Barlett, did not spare her genius with this production.  

  The play consists of two acts with a 20 minute intermission. The main actor, Elliot Levey plays Andy and opens the play sitting on a platform, stage right, on his own. It’s Christmas time. The first act consists of Andy talking about how he awaits his daughter, Maya, played by Ellen Robertson, to return home after years of her leaving. He performs a soliloquy about what he should say to her after all this time. Andy’s acting engages the audience with his continuous babbling about the younger generation and how it differs from his generation, planting the seed of his political views as a white, middle class man. He does not know why his daughter has left, but has heard she is in town and is hoping that she may return home this Christmas Eve.

The first act creates the suspense with the second act being more engaging. Amber James, who plays Natalie, brings a lively and exciting approach to the stage with her witty jokes and pushy personality. The second act portrays an intelligent and persistent dialogue between Andy and Natalie. Natalie reveals that she knows Maya and explains to Andy that Maya left home because her political views were belittled. Andy does not understand, but calls Maya and apologises for laughing at her and begs her to come home. Maya gives her father another chance, hoping his attitude has changed, but is disappointed when she arrives home on Christmas Eve to see that he still does not know how to listen. Natalie pushes Maya to compromise with her father and despite their differences, Maya accepts her father’s invitation  and joins him on Christmas morning.

Lizzimore did an astounding job of directing, using pauses and actor’s tones to highlight serious subject matter, whilst retaining a comedic aspect.

Snowflake has been running at the Kiln Theatre since Dec. 10th and will run until it’s last show on Jan. 25th. Tickets range from £10 to £32.50 and can be purchased through the Kiln Theatre’s website,

Picture Credit Manuel Harlan

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