Major Vote Swap Push in Kensington and Cities as Tactical Voting Groups Make Final Calls

Major Vote Swap Push in Kensington and Cities as Tactical Voting Groups Make Final Calls


With only hours to go until the polls open, tactical voting campaigns have tonight made their final calls in two of the Capital’s most volatile marginal seats. In the Cities of London and Westminster, it’s Chuka Umunna for the Lib Dems; in Kensington, it’s Labour’s incumbent Emma Dent Coad.

Kensington and Cities have been keeping us awake at night,” says Richard Tunnicliffe, Director of Represent Us, the campaign group behind tactical voting aggregator, VoteSmart2019, “the non-Tory vote has been dangerously split, leaving the door wide open for possible Conservative wins, but underlying analyst recommendations hardened yesterday. Their decisions have given us the green light to make our final calls, and now we can say with confidence: in Kensington, vote Labour, while the Lib Dem’s Chuka Umunna appears to be on a solid footing in Two Cities, with polls suggesting swings from both disillusioned Conservative and Labour voters,” Richard Tunnicliffe explains.

In making these calls, our tactical voting aggregator site, VoteSmart2019, has found common cause with vote swapping hub SwapMyVote,” continues Richard Tunnicliffe, “as these last-minute Labour and Lib Dem recommendations neatly create the conditions for vote swapping across these two hotly contested constituencies.”

Any voters unhappy with these solid calls for Labour in Kensington and Lib Dems in Two Cities can sign up for vote swapping at,” says Tom de Grunwald from the SwapMyVote campaign, “Vote swapping is an incredibly satisfying way to put to one side any misgivings you might have about tactical voting. When you sign up to SwapMyVote you know your preferred party is getting the vote you would have given them, and in a constituency where it could make all the difference,” Tom de Grunwald explains.

Vote Swapping has been a force in general elections since 2015, and in 2017 helped power the broad movement that resulted in 6.5 million people voting tactically, and ushering in a hung Parliament. has so far signed up 20,000 voters around the UK this election, and will be helping thousands more to make their vote count, in an electoral system that routinely wastes 70% of votes,” says de Grunwald, who set up SwapMyVote in 2015 to make tactical voting easier for voters, “it’s important to remember that in the last election in 2017 just 75 votes stood between a majority and a hung parliament that could effectively hold the Government to account – tactical voting and vote swapping look set to be the deciders again in this election,” de Grunwald adds.

VoteSmart2019 has become a trusted source of advice in this volatile election,” says Sue Ellar, Project Manager on VoteSmart, which launched at the last election in 2017 in direct response to widespread conflicting tactical voting advice, “our aggregator approach to voting recommendations has been endorsed this week by the Guardian newspaper, who wrote ‘the best starting point for the curious is’1, and on top of that, 75% of those who have indicated their voting intentions on our site have pledged to follow the advice we’re giving. Tonight, the message is clear, vote Labour in Kensington and Lib Dem in Two Cities, and swap your vote if you need to make your tactical vote more palatable. We can’t afford for a single person to throw away their vote simply because they didn’t have the latest advice,” Sue Ellar concludes.

 Photo courtesy of Secret London
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