Breast Cancer Haven: Helping people through the toughest times

Breast Cancer Haven: Helping people through the toughest times


Breast Cancer Haven is a national charity that provides free counselling and therapies to help put people’s lives back together after they’ve been turned upside down by breast cancer.

Visitors to our centres (located in London, Hereford, Leeds, Solihull, Wessex (Fareham) and Worcester) meet with one of our clinical team who develop a personalised support plan. Each plan is built around the needs of the visitor which could include: aromatherapy scar-tissue massage to aid the healing of post-mastectomy injuries, acupuncture to manage the chronic joint pain brought on by cancer treatments and counselling to support people to help manage the mental stress of diagnosis and treatment.

Around 55,000 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer but what a lot of people don’t realise is that the disease also affects around 370 men annually. Glenn Cooper, who used our Wessex services, praised us for not making him feel like an outsider:

“I was delighted at how inclusive the staff and other visitors were towards me as a man, even though it is much less common for men to have breast cancer. At no point did I ever feel like a man in a woman’s world.”

We can only operate our services through charitable donations and our annual Carols Concert, which this year is being held at the Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair, is a vital fundraiser. The sell-out event on 12 December has a star-studded line-up of readers including, Bill Bailey, Sir Derek Jacobi and Olivia Williams.

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