PM pledges to support Grenfell survivors

PM pledges to support Grenfell survivors


PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to support Kensington and Chelsea council to rehouse the remaining people made homeless by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.

In a letter to the council leader, Conservative Elizabeth Campbell, the Prime Minister said: “I am determined to ensure that a tragedy such as Grenfell never occurs again. This government will continue to support you to rehouse the survivors into settled homes as quickly as possible.”

According to the council’s latest figures, there is still one family who were evacuated from the Tower and nearby Grenfell Walk living in a hotel, with eight families living in temporary accommodation. There are now 192 families in permanent homes out of the 201 households who needed rehousing after fire ripped through the 24-storey Tower.

Mr Johnson’s letter came in response to one from Ms Campbell after he became Prime Minister. 

She asked him for assurances that Grenfell and the community around the Tower would be a top priority as well as beefing up home safety rules.

The Prime Minister has yet to visit Grenfell since taking the top job, but will be publishing the official Grenfell Inquiry Report on October 30th.

Grenfell United, which represents bereaved, families and survivors of the disaster said “the first Inquiry report will focus on what happened the night of the fire – how the fire started, why it spread so quickly and the response of the emergency services and other organisations on the night itself.  We expect it to be hard- hitting and to make serious recommendations for change that the government must act on to help stop something like this happening again.”


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