Dry eye disease ‘on verge of epidemic’

Dry eye disease ‘on verge of epidemic’


In the 21st century the world is on the verge of an epidemic: Dry Eye Disease. “We’re dealing with a quality of life issue” says ophthalmologist consultant, Mr Yodaiken. After seeing countless patients time and again suffering from dry eyes, Mr Yodaiken decided to act upon it. He opened a clinic in March of 2015 to help those who are willing to save themselves from this disease. After years of experience treating this condition, the Dry Eye Clinic team now advise that dry eyes should be treated whilst the condition is still mild.

If opticians would step in sooner and start to think outside of the box, the condition could be dealt with before it reaches the point of causing serious complaints. “It’s about being proactive not reactive” says Mr Yodaiken. “The general population are unaware of the predicament we are in and thus do not feel the need to invest time or money into treating their mild dry eye. But, it is a fact that if you are suffering from dry eye, it will get worse. It is a chronic disease and therefore progressive. The earlier you treat it the higher the success rate of any treatment course.

Why wait until it is too late? Why wait until you are in too much pain to enjoy life? Why wait until your eyes consume your every thought and become a factor in every decision?”

The National Eye Institute describes the possible symptoms:
Scratchy sensation
A feeling that something is in the eye
Blurred vision
Heavy eye lids
Episodes of excess tears
Redness in the eye
Can’t wear contact lenses
Can’t wear makeup
Can’t have lasik treatment
Can’t go out in the sunlight
Can’t look at a screen for an extensive
period of time

Is this what you want your life to get to before you will be willing to put some time and effort into taking care of your health?

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