Chelsea and Westminster launches new innovation programme

Chelsea and Westminster launches new innovation programme


 The Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust on 25th September, in collaboration with its charity CW+, launched a new initiative CW innovation to mark the hospital’s 300th anniversary. The scheme is intended to make the hospital a ‘national centre for innovation in healthcare’ by developing and sharing improvements in patient care, experience and organisation management. 

 The Chelsea and Westminster is one of the best performing hospitals in the country and is the 5th biggest conductor of births and emergency operations. It has also been one of the more enthusiastic embracers of modern technology – having been in partnership with AI provider Sensyne Health since 2018. The Chief of Strategic Development at Sensyne Health, Nick Scott speaking at the event argued that ‘behind the headlines [there is] a technology renaissance in the NHS’.

 A variety of exhibitors from both the NHS and the private sector showed their wares at the event. A pair of nurses from the hospital itself demonstrated their innovative method of improving oral health for patients with trouble swallowing which has led to significant decreases in pneumonia contracted in hospital. From the private sector, the exhibits were very diverse: a new wearable voice amplifier for sufferers of Parkinson’s, a robotic seal for dementia patients and even a new art installation for the hospital.

 Among the speakers was conservative peer Lord O’Shaughnessy who served from 2016 to 2018 as a Minister for Technology and Innovation in the NHS and is himself a former patient at the Chelsea and Westminster. Arguing that the NHS has a ‘responsibility to innovate’ and suggesting that exciting projects and technologies have a tendency to ‘get stuck in the NHS’ he praised the project for its commitment to implementing best practice. 

Picture Credit: George Vasilopoulos

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