Business Funding Workshop

Business Funding Workshop


A special edition event in collaboration with RIFT and Accelerate Funding, Avoid Brexit uncertainty with Grants, R&D and must-to-know funding streams happening on Oct 16th.

If you are an innovator, have long-term growth as a key objective, need a cash injection for your business but are worried about the future of your venture amidst the Brexit uncertainty. Then this event is a must-attend for you!

Companies you will meet: RIFT, Accelerate Funding, Newable, Innovate UK and ArchOver P2P Business Lending

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At this event you can learn:

1) How Grants work, eligible sectors, projects and opportunities along with deadlines

2) How R&D works, who is entitled to it, why and when to apply

3) More about Innovate Grants and Innovate Loans

4) The role of bridging finance in Grants and R&D

5) Grants VS Equity Funding or together?

6) Post-Brexit perspectives

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