Could you afford to become the Joker?

Could you afford to become the Joker?


Could you afford to become the Joker? 

Supervillainy is a thankless task but someone has got to do it. Joaquin Phoenix is the latest actor to take a stab at portraying the Joker, in a film that depicted an oppressed society ruled by classism. Which, after a long, hard slog at your 9-to-5, watching Batman’s archnemesis run around causing chaos you’d be forgive for dreaming of being able to afford a different life in today’s economic climate. Ponder no more, as Curry’s PC World has the answer on how much it would cost to be an iconic supervillain

Dress to depress 

The Joker, a firm believer in the mantra that “money can’t buy happiness”, cemented by the iconic act of setting fire to a big pile of stolen money is good evidence. This echoes in his budget-friendly fashion choices. If you want to replicate this supervillain’s classic custom purple suit, it will set you back around £220. That’s a full three-piece suit, shirt, tie, and shoes. It turns out you can look suave on a budget and is definitely an affordable ensemble to tramp around London in. 

Price up your war paint

The full Joker look is not complete without a full face of clown make-up and luscious green locks; which is achievable with a good hair dye. However, the price of these beauty products can start to stack up. In the new movie, Phoenix’s character has no tattoos, but previous Jokers have sported plenty. So, adding up the costs of cosmetics and a plethora of tattoos, to truly become the Joker will cost you hours in a tattooist’s chair, test your pain threshold, and set you back up to £1,200. 

Bring on the bling

The clown’s most expensive accessories are his solid gold chains, which can rack up a pricey bill of up to £6,000. The average salary in the UK is £29,000 which is a monthly take-home of £1,862. Even if you go full Joker style and live with your mother to cut costs, the average worker will only be able to put away £200 a month to save for the chains. So, it’ll take you 2.5 years before you can show off that bling. Unless you rob a bank – which is also Joker recommended. 

Guns, grenades and good times 

Characteristically, the Joker is anything but a simple man, but his taste in weaponry is quite modest. A Glock 17 pistol and a couple of hand grenades costs only £1,000 which might as well be the same price as a smashed-avocado-toast brunch with the girls in Soho. You can be a gun-wielding lunatic for a bargain price. 

If you want to set yourself up as the Joker it turns out it is completely doable. Compared to other supervillains your total start-up cost would be a mere £8,500, which, with a proper savings plan, can be done with very little fuss. See, there’s nothing to be so serious about. 

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