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WAES to create


Christmas is coming! Yes, we’re sorry, but we’ve said it now.

It can be a costly business, and if you find choosing gifts for people challenging, then why not make your own amazing personalised masterpieces? They’re sure to impress your loved ones, and they could save you lots of money, and many fruitless trips to the shops too.

There are so many different crafts to choose from, and by attending a class you’ll pick up some expert tips, as well as benefitting from the experience of the tutor and getting inspiration from other classmates. We’re proud to have an extremely diverse set of students from a wide range of backgrounds who happily share their cultural influences. Why not invest some time, and a small amount of money in one of these courses?

Card Making: we’ll help you discover lots of techniques to have you producing stylish and polished greetings cards using stencils, collage, printmaking and much more. Be the envy of your friends! What is nicer than seeing the card you’ve sent sitting proudly on somebody’s mantelpiece? A taste of card making; next start date: 25/09/2019

Soap-making and beauty products: these courses will have you producing beautifully scented soaps and other products, which not only smell amazing, but also look good. All with the added benefit of them being much more environmentally friendly than their department store counterparts. Explore Soap Making and Beauty Products – Evening; next start date: 05/11/2019 A taste of soap making; next start date: 09/10/2019

Exploring patchwork quilting: The fashion press are endorsing the shabby-chic gorgeousness that is patchwork quilting, so why not go with the flow? Once you’ve grasped the basics, you can move on to bigger projects, personalising and embellishing as you go. A perfect present for your closest friends and relatives. Explore patchwork quilting: designing, cutting, stitching; next start date: 16/10/2019

Learn to make a chocolate log and Christmas treats: here’s a course that everyone could benefit from; whether you are hosting the family this year, or visiting your loved ones, you can impress with these delicious sweet treats. Learn to make a chocolate log and Christmas biscuits and treats; next start date: 07/12/2019

Floral Workshop: Christmas Table Designs: make your Christmas table an Instagram sensation this year, by learning how to make a beautiful traditional centrepiece and decorations for your festive meal. You’ll learn how to take fresh, dried or synthetic stems and make them into a stunning arrangement. Explore seasonal table decorations using flowers; next start date: 02/10/2019 Floral Workshop: Christmas Table Designs; next start date: 03/12/2019

Gelli printing workshop: this is a fun-filled introductory workshop where you will learn how to create prints using a bed of gelatine. It sounds crazy, but the results are brilliant! No specialist equipment or knowledge is needed, just come along and have fun. A taste of gelli printing; next start date: 02/10/2019

Block printing workshop: this introductory workshop will teach you the basics of printing using polystyrene blocks. It is easy and fun. Come and have a go. A taste of block printing; next start date: 12/10/2019

Marbling paper workshop: this introductory course teaches fun and simple ways to create abstract designs useful for cards and stationery. A taste of marbling; next start date: 09/10/2019 #

Jewellery making: have you ever wanted to learn how to make jewellery? Whether you want to make pieces for yourself or for gifts, this introductory course on beaded jewellery making covers a range of techniques to get you started in no time. Explore Jewellery Making. Evening ; next start date: 21/11/2019 Explore Jewellery Making. Weekend; next start date: 09/11/2019

Feel inspired by this tiny taste of what is on offer? We thought so. These amazing, affordable and addictive courses run both at weekends and evenings and are available now. Just visit waes.ac.uk and sign up today.

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