VisitHealth brings diagnostics and nursing care to your home

VisitHealth brings diagnostics and nursing care to your home


Medical care is becoming more flexible, with the need for it to fit into our busy schedules. London’s first on demand at home healthcare means you can book a medical appointment in your home when it suits you. They have a staff of nurses who can carry out blood tests, post-operative care, diagnostics such as ECG and blood pressure tests wherever or whenever it is convenient for you. No subscription necessary, just one-off payments for the services you need.

Forward-thinking medical care

VisitHealth services were designed to be the perfect partner for the increasingly popular online GP services as it bridges the gap between an online doctors’ consultation and the face to- ace interaction needed to collect samples, administer medicine and carry out observations. Allowing you to get medical treatment as quickly as possible. The high-quality, tailored service VisitHealth brings diagnostics and nursing care to your home means you no longer have to visit a hospital or clinic, with long waiting times, risk of infection and inconvenient appointment times. VisitHealth’s highly skilled nurses bring all the medical equipment needed to carry out services at your home, in your office or even at a hotel. Making sure your health remains a priority.

How does VisitHealth work?

You can browse their wide range of tests and services on their website or if you need more advice call one of their team of medics and book your appointment. A medic will then come to you, wherever is convenient, with any equipment they need. Results are often with you same day and are sent by email or post. VisitHealth services can help the whole family, whether that’s nursing care for people with immobility issues or that need elderly care, health check-ups, cancer blood tests or pregnancy blood tests and sonographies for adults; or allergy blood tests or strep throat tests of children.

But can healthcare be carried out accurately and safely at home?

Visit Health is different from some at home testing as all diagnostics are carried out by a fully trained medical professional with strict procedures and guidelines and top-quality technology.

Home health visits are safe and give reliable results quicker than ever. Find out more at Visit fees start from £59.
Appointments available: Monday to Thursday 07:00-22:00, Friday to Sunday 6:00-midnight.

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