Climate Strike sees protesters take to the streets across the globe

Climate Strike sees protesters take to the streets across the globe


Record numbers of protestors have joined in the global Climate Strike movement both in London and across the world as children left school and workers downed tools in an effort to pressure politicians and businesses to provide for a sustainable future.

The scenes in London as tens of thousands gathered in Millbank and other events across the capital. Photograph credit: David Holt


There will be events across the country this week including in all major cities and many towns.

Picture 2: Over 80,000 assemble in Berlin with over 500 events planned across Germany as Europe embraces the walk out. Photograph credit: Marlin Helene

Organisers believe today will be the largest climate protest in world history as strikes are planned for cities and towns in 150 countries worldwide.

Picture: In Australia, organisers estimated there were overall over 400,000 attendees with 100,000 in Melbourne, 80,000 in Sydney and 15,000 in the capital Canberra. Photograph credit Andrya Hart

Picture 4: A lone protestor in Moscow. As authorities have consistently rejected violin student and activist Arshak Makichayan’s requests for a protest of larger than one he has been hosting a solidarity vigil every Friday for 6 months. Photograph credit Arshak Makichayan

 More than 1,000 events are planned in the US today. In New York, the authorities are allowing 1.1 million school children to skip school to participate in the strike as will an additional 10,000 in Boston.

 Picture: Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has become the unofficial leader of the climate strike movement will be at the New York protest ahead of a crucial UN meeting on the issue. Photograph credit Leonhard Lenz

If you wish to get involved the following are currently the officially scheduled events for the coming week in London:

Events on the 23rd

19:00, Climate Strike at Unit 1 Gallery off Latimer Road

Unit 1, Bard Road W10 6TP

Events on the 25th

19:00, Belsize Climate Public Assembly, Belsize Community Library near Hampstead

Antrim Road NW3 4XN

Events on the 27th

14:00, ArtStrike4Climate, Trafalgar Square

16:00, March and Rally in Croydon, North End of Croydon High Street

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