Westminster School pupils breathe cleaner air thanks to air purifying technology


A London primary school is enjoying an improvement in air quality levels, following the installation of air purification systems, that have been tested against some of the highest pollution levels of anywhere in the world.

A partnership between taxi app and leading corporate ground travel provider Gett and award winning environmental company Evergen Systems has seen three of Evergen’s state of the art PureAire Monolite units installed in the main hall of St Peter’s Eaton Square Primary School in Victoria.

This problem is not unique to St Peter’s – all schools in London are being affected by rising pollution levels. I’m delighted to see it making such a measurable difference to the air quality in the school.

  • Miles Ridley, St Peter’s Headteacher

Evergen has worked with scientists from leading universities to develop the technology, which was subsequently tested in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The technology that successfully improved air quality levels in India is now being used in London for the first time, thanks to the partnership between Gett and Evergen.

The trial project has been co-funded by both Evergen and Gett, as well as the taxi app’s customers who choose to donate an extra 20p for every ride taken.

The quality of the air our children breathe is of significant concern at this vulnerable stage of their lives and that’s why we’re investing in schemes that actively clean the air today.

– John De Pree, Gett’s Marketing Director

Seeing as all of Central London experiences high particle pollution readings, the trial has explored whether the air cleaners could provide better air quality for children during the school day.

Following the installation at St Peter’s, particle pollution readings in the school have dropped with nitrogen dioxide levels – which particularly causes inflammation of the airways and ozone falling well within safe levels, as defined by the World Health Organisation.

As a UK based tech company I’m thrilled that we’re making a difference to St Peter’s and looking forward to rolling this out to their whole building and to other schools.

  • Sukhbir Sidhu, Evergen’s Founder and Director
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