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            Drag Kings stole the show of the convention, with the UK’s best artists; both kings and queens promoting the Kings as a force to be reckoned with. What is undeniable about DragWorld, is that its collaboration between some of the biggest names in the business and stars of the USA’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race with top UK queens create exposure for those who deserve it.


Our first encounter with one of the two stages, was the Catwalk Stage where Drag King Chiyo Gomes was giving a powerful performance to an audience who were so utterly engaged and clinging to his every movement. There was so much passion in everything he said, and his natural enigmatic energy radiated out of his every pore. His inspirational speech, telling his audience, many of whom had never encountered a King before, to support Drag Kings caught an abundance of cheers and screams. Some of the country’s biggest names in the UK queen world came out to support the Kings, with notable collaborations between Crystal Lubrikunt and Chiyo Gomes as well as Drag King Mark Anthony.


Crystal Lubrikunt also hosted an impassioned panel on the Tik Tok stage, where she was joined by Shea Coulee, Latrice Royale, Donna Trump and Daniel Franzese (who played Damien in Mean Girls) to discuss mental health. Discussing hectic working schedules and the need for downtime, the high profile drag queens talked about what they do to keep their mental health in check, whilst living life in the fast lane under a huge amount of public scrutiny. ‘Drag Racers’, the podcast hosted by Alaska and Willam, two of the most famous faces in the Drag Race hall of fame was also hosted on the second day of the convention, drawing in a huge audience and satisfying the visitors.


The convention exists to allow drag fans in the UK, to get up close and personal with drag queens themselves, but also with merchandise, costume and make up. Therefore, Meet and Greets were a significant part of the day and once again Willam caught my eye, due to her unbelievably chilled-out booth, where she sat in an oversized camping chair, listening to music and eating pitta and humus as she signed autographs for and took photos with star-struck fans, whilst wearing a pair of wedge Crocs- an item I now NEED. Fame it seems, is suiting her well.


Lest we not forget the stalls, shops and merch stands that inundated the event, with an eclectic mix of fashion, make up and ‘stage wear’. As a drag performer, avid fan or a person experimental with fashion and make up, the event provided something for everyone as the designers, wig makers, make up brands and suppliers knew about drag and the fact that they need to understand the desires of its fans.


What was also so exciting to see, was the age range of the visitors as DragWorld created a space in which everyone could express themselves. There were boys as young as 11 or 12 dressed from head to toe in drag, boys and girls as young as five and six expressing themselves with the support an encouragement of their parents and drag queens who have seemingly been in the business for a long long time.


An inspirational event that brought together everything the Drag world should be proud of, in a welcoming, encouraging and friendly environment. Highly recommended for everyone whether or not you have prior experience with drag culture, performance or art as it is a spectacle to feast your eyes upon.

For more information, visit: https://www.dragworld.co.uk 


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