Zip Now at Archbishop Park

Zip Now at Archbishop Park


We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into . Zip-lining – sure it sounded like a fun thing to do but as we stood in the best of British summer weather drenched in Archbishop’s Park on the South Bank of the Thames, our knees were beginning to get a little weak.

Strapped into our harnesses and with the helmets on we were ready for our climb to the top. Zip Now is the fastest and biggest city centre zip wire in the world and this was becoming increasingly apparent as we climbed a little with a cocktail of excitement, fear and delight.

Up top there is a beautiful view of London – although on our visit this was obstructed by the heavy drizzle which hung low over the skyline. We waited in the queue for our turn and could see first hand how the zipwire worked. For those that may not be familiar with the concept, a zipline or zipwire is a pulley suspended on a stainless steel cable and mounted on an incline. It works with one’s weight and gravity; a very simple concept but a very thrilling ride.

Finally our turn. We stood with London behind us and a massive drop of 35 metres underneath us then it was countdown time ‘3-2-1 and go’ we stepped into oblivion and zipped along the wire. The ride itself finished quickly; too quickly; we could have done with a second helping. For those adventurous enough there is also a free fall drop to save you clambering down the steps after your ride.

For more info and booking visit the Zip Now website

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