Summer holiday fund looks to help London youth stay crime free

Summer holiday fund looks to help London youth stay crime free


The long awaited summer holidays are here, and this year looks to be particularly exciting for many children across London.

Thanks to the John Lyon’s Charity, children across the city will have access to fun, free activities and programmes during the summer, in an attempt to combat ‘activity hunger’. With 37% of London’s children in poverty, the holidays mean many families have to face the financial strain of keeping children fed and entertained for 6 weeks. Dr Lynne Guyton from the charity says she aims to combat this by “funding projects that allow children and young people the opportunity to do something exciting, entertaining but also to relax and learn through play.”

Kensington and Chelsea based charity Baraka Community Association have received £4,000 to enable up to 12 young people at risk of criminal activity to work towards successfully attaining the British Horse Society Achievement Award. BCA was set up in 2000 and works with migrant families in the West London area. They aim to relieve poverty and promote good wellbeing for young people, and so this summer are providing horse riding lessons, yoga sessions and personal development classes, with the idea that they will help to improve children’s confidence and allow them to develop crucial life skills.

London contains 14 out of the top 20 local authorities with the highest rates of child poverty across the UK, and so with 70 different organisations benefiting from the Charity’s School Holiday Activity Fund, they are hopeful that they can make an impact and transform many young Londoner’s summers.

By Alia Butlin

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