Success for the Tesla Model 3

Success for the Tesla Model 3


Few cars this century have had as much attention as the Tesla Model 3. The American saloon brings real world all-electric range to a mass market audience and shows that green motoring is no longer for the very rich.

And now that the car has been named Auto Express Car of the Year, it has shown that it is also one you might actually want to buy. Judges praised its “all-round ease of use, running costs, technology and performance.”

“Tesla is one of the most exciting car companies on the planet,” Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Auto Express, said, “with a reputation for building ground-breaking cars that are loved by owners and admired – not to mention copied – by rivals. And all that just 16 years into the company’s life.”

“That makes its achievements with the Model 3 all the more remarkable. It’s a car that’s hugely enjoyable to drive, cheap to run, safe and practical for family use, and one that integrates the latest tech into everyday life seamlessly. Of course, being electric, its environmental credentials are second to none, too. It’s the perfect car for the modern age.”

But that’s not all. The Model 3 has also taken a 5-star safety rating from EuroNCap with Thatcham Research saying that it “sets [a] new safety technology benchmark.” The car was praised not just for how it fared in a crash (known as passive safety) but for the technology that helps prevent a crash (active safety), receiving a 94% score.

All of this helps cement Tesla’s reputation for building some of the best electric cars on the market, and shows that going green is not something to lament.


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