Small businesses award recognizes sustainable brands success

Small businesses award recognizes sustainable brands success


Although not many people are aware of it, the tissue industry is worth a combined £50bn and has failed to experience a disruption in years. However, by satisfying the growing appetite for environmentally friendly products, The Cheeky Panda has found itself booming worldwide and were the winners of this year’s Scale-Up Business of the Year at the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards. The FBS (Federation of Small Businesses) was very impressed by the victors, and have supported similar corporations across London free of charge in the interest of their protection. The UK final of the awards was held at the Battersea Evolution convention.

The company is proud to sell sustainable tissue products made from bamboo. Although sounding rather curious at first, its predicted future as one of the biggest IPOs for a green company highlights the quality and importance of the product. The Cheeky Panda was launched in 2016 with only a £10,000 start up given by family and friends. As of 2019, the cheeky team are on course to break the £10 million barrier. It’s these kind-of figures that win you accolades.

The groups range is stocked by leading retailers across the UK including WHSmith, Boots, Ocado and Morrisons as well as selling extremely well on Amazon.

The Co-Founder of The Cheeky Panda, Julie Jen, said: “Increasingly consumers are integrating products that offer sustainability into everyday life. Our products enable consumers and companies to take a step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on quality.”

A testament to the importance of small businesses, the product is now selling 500,000 eco-friendly units every month and has set a goal to save 250,000 trees. If this were not enough, it reports that 3,700 tons of carbon have already been balanced. The carbon footprint left by companies and consumers can often be immense, and The Cheeky Panda is providing an example of how carbon emissions can be minimised in both business and in our homes.

By Lewis Andrews

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