Shitfaced Shakespeare at the Underbelly

Shitfaced Shakespeare at the Underbelly


Shitfaced Shakespeare is a company comprised of eclectic, classically trained Shakespearean enthusiasts who bring a variety of the Bards plays to life. That description of their shows might sound average, but now imagine one of the leading actors to be absolutely shitfaced and the rest of the players improvising around said drunken actor. Now that is the farthest thing from an average theatre experience one can attend.

Shitfaced Shakespeare recently performed the iconic play Hamlet and it easily became one of my most notable theatre going experiences. The audience around me felt no need to conceal their laughs and were shouting at the stage in a drunken stupor; much like how the audience was behaving when William Shakespeare first premiered his plays at the historic Globe Theatre. The company of actors on stage hilariously and smoothly improvised around the drunken actor who played the role of Laertes, which resulted in possibly one of the most unique renditions of Hamlet known to the stage.

With or without the drunken element of this performance, the actors involved were extremely impressive. The company was put into a situation where quite literally anything could happen due to the drunken state of the chosen actor each night, but they took on the challenge with ease. The performances and portrayals of the iconic Shakespearean characters were impressive, but the side-splitting one liners and improvisations from the actors is what truly makes Shitfaced Shakespeare what it is; a hell of a good time.

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