Art Foundation in fashion and design

Art Foundation in fashion and design


There aren’t many things in life that are free, but an art foundation is, at least for now if you are under 19 years old. Instead of worrying about tuition fees you are given this amazing opportunity to be free and experiment.

It is a year of artistic exploration where you can dedicate the entirety of your time to being creative whilst being surrounded by likeminded people. It is amazing but that doesn’t mean it is easy. My art foundation at the University of Ravensbourne was rewarding as it was rigorous.
You are thrown into the deep end from Day 1, undergoing a rotation of different disciplines, namely: Fashion Textiles and Promotion, Media Production, 3D and Contemporary Practice as well as Visual Communication (Graphic Design).
In overcoming the different pathways, you gained a variety of new skills but also a hunger and eagerness to continue with the one pathway that resonated with you the most. For me that was fashion and textiles. Highly competitive and demanding in nature it pushed my creativity and adaptability.
At times it felt unforgiving but in the end it was fruitful for I managed to navigate the exhaustive UCAS process consisting of interviews and online portfolios with each university calling for different requirements. This would have been impossible without the skills that my foundation taught me.
In September I am starting Fashion Design at Westminster University.
Art foundations are invaluable in equipping and preparing you for studying an art degree so I urge anyone with the opportunity to take it while they are still available. A free year of freedom, what else could you want?

By Tanya Kovatchka

Dress Design © Tanya Kovatchka

Photograph © Desi Bogdanova

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