City Hall offers Hammersmith and Fulham £15 million for new council houses

City Hall offers Hammersmith and Fulham £15 million for new council houses


A huge redevelopment of the White City estate could be on the horizon as council chiefs discuss plans for new homes using £15 million from City Hall.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s senior politicians met on Monday, June 3, to consider building “100-250 new homes” and said half could be let at discounted “affordable” rents.

At the cabinet meeting, it was agreed that a bid for £15.3 million will be sent to London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office to pay for new affordable and social-rented flats on the estate.

New community facilities and a children’s play space could also be built.

The ideas were detailed in a cabinet meeting report, voted through yesterday, which said the council will aim to submit a planning application for the regeneration scheme in summer 2020.

It forms part of the council’s aim to build 1,500 “affordable” homes by 2020, the report said, while the White City area undergoes a “multi-billion pound” transformation.

The report did not specify whether existing homes on the White City estate would need to be demolished.

But it will also require buying the former White City Health Centre building in Australia Road, owned by the NHS. The report said negotiations with the NHS for the centre have now “reached a critical stage”.

Cabinet members decided it will hold a public consultation with residents, and what it called “key stakeholders” at the Adventure Playground, Randolph Beresford School and the White City Residents Association.

Planning the new housing scheme will cost the council £2.8 million, the report said.

The newly-built social-rent homes,  or council homes, would be managed by a housing association, which the council hopes to sign up the scheme by offering money it gets from right-to-buy council housing sales.

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