Top Egg for Easter!

Top Egg for Easter!



The egg has long been a metaphor for wealth, abundance and fertility, so it’s no surprise that it has been so closely associated with Easter. Although the actual date of Easter changes from year to year, it marks the beginning of bolder spring colours, a hint of warmth and lambs gambolling in the fields.

Savoury fans may prefer to celebrate with at extra hen’s egg or two at the breakfast table as it’s a little too early to go for the beautiful blue-green gull’s eggs that are so briefly in season. Those very much in favour may prefer to while away their time admiring and polishing their Faberge masterpiece, but I`m happy with more simple indulgences.

Fun though it is to surreptitiously crack off a large chunk of Thornton’s or something from Rococo, it’s much more sociable to have an egg whilst dining out with friends. Having just seen a preview of what`s on offer down at The Ivy Kensington Brasserie between the 19th and the 22nd of this month, lunch is now sorted! Whatever I start with, the “Easter Egger” dessert (a white chocolate mousse artfully disguised, and covered in passion fruit and mango) will surely be on the table before the coffee arrives. It might not have been conjured up by Faberge, but it bijou charms as it hits the palate should more than make up for that.

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