European Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, commits to closing the digital gender gap

European Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, commits to closing the digital gender gap


Mariya Gabriel, The European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, launched a new ‘Scoreboard’ tool measuring the participation of women in the digital economy, in a bid to close the gender gap in this industry in December.

Gabriel is dedicated to reducing female dropout rates, promoting digital skills and education; pushing for women to reach higher-tier positions in tech. The way we interact with this new technology needs to ‘respect our values and principle’ as well as its use for business, the Commissioner told Euractiv.

Mariya Gabriel,  defended the need to address the socio-cultural biases; causing women to miss out on entrepreneurial positions. These were set out in The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report.

Her new ‘Scoreboard’ assesses EU countries’ performance in the areas of internet use, user skills, specialist skills, and employment so that the Executive can then provide recommendations.

A recent study by the European Parliament has shown only 9.6% of female students pursue ICT related degrees compared to 30.6% of men.

Gabriel revealed to Euractiv that there was no European strategy for women in digital when she joined.

She pointed out the significance of this in light of the increasing digitisation:

“The future of Europe, both our economy and society, is digital ..

“But the digital world “is largely a man’s world, where women are underrepresented and have a hard time finding their place”

There is an urgency in addressing these inequalities which has seen only 19.2% of women in ICT, occupying management positions, according to the Commission report.

She has also presented the Strategy on the Women’s Rights Day last year, launched this debate at ministerial level and will hold a Council meeting in March.

You can read an exclusive interview with Mariya Gabriel in the next print edition of KCW Today, due 4th February.

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