Spotlight on the Petra Ecclestone foundation

Spotlight on the Petra Ecclestone foundation


Petra Ecclestone was born into a privileged family but has spent most of her adult life supporting others, always from a deep personal connection. After suffering from meningitis at 14 years of age, she resolved to raise awareness and fund research. She has delivered petitions to increase vaccine availability to 10 Downing Street and funds awareness cards in every birth pack and student fresher pack in UK.

 Several years ago Petra discovered, when her daughter had a learning delay, the most advanced and effective treatments in America. Returning to London she struggled to find anything near the same level and waiting lists were extremely lengthy. She resolved to find out more, working with UK’s leading autism expert Simon Baron Cohen, and create a solution for parents desperate to help their children.

In November 2018 Petra Ecclestone launched her early intervention centre for children with autism and related conditions. Children will now be treated at the centre. Patients are means tested, those who cannot afford the treatments are covered by the Foundation alongside private patients who donate to the Foundation.

Located in Fulham, the centre offers a child and family-centred responsive space where pre-school children with difficulties will receive an individual, holistic programme of support to develop strength and resilience before they enter the education system.

The centre houses six individual therapy rooms, sensory area with specialist equipment, kitchen and cooking area for children, a large open plan group therapy area, an outdoor play facility area, a family area, a family therapy room reception and admin offices.

Petra adds “It is my ambition to open centres across Britain. I am so proud of all the hard work and research from our team and advisors which has gone into the creation of the first centre.”

Petra and her team are in talks with the NHS and local council seeking funding for the therapies to allow her to dedicate funds from her Foundation to open more centres nationally.

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