Speaking a second language could see your salary soar to £50,000

Speaking a second language could see your salary soar to £50,000


Speaking a second language can help people earn a higher salary, according to a new study.

Although, only 1 in 10 Brits are fluent in another besides their mother tongue.

The research was carried out by City Lit London college which provides short courses, revealing those who can speak English and Turkish have potential to take home average earnings of £53,071; the highest salary of all the 21 common languages.

Chris Jones, Director of Sales and Marketing at City Lit, said: “Being able to speak a second language is always desirable to employers and has real social value too, so it’s great to see that being able to speak another language has a positive impact on salaries.

Having a good grasp of Gujarati- a language native to the Indian State of Gujarat, will boost a salary to £44,109 per annum.

Chinese comes third with an average salary of £42,327.

Those who can speak a sign language, however, earn the least with 22% lower paycheque that the UK average salary; £21,333.

Perhaps due to the commonality of French-speaking in the UK, 47% of Brits claim fluency, it does not add much to an individual’s standard salary (£27,722 per annum).

This equals a £25,349 difference between those speaking French and those who earn the most by speaking a second language.

The highest and lowest earners are below:


Turkish – £53,071

Gujarati – £44,109

Chinese (any form) – £42,327

Somalian – £42,167

Italian – £39,236


Sign language – £21,333

Welsh – £23,321

Lithuanian – £24,643

Bengali – £25,955

French – £27,722

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