Santander launches campaign to inspire under-25s to protect themselves from fraud

Santander launches campaign to inspire under-25s to protect themselves from fraud


As part of its ongoing drive to give people the information they need to protect themselves against scams, Santander launched a new campaign specifically for the Under 25s on November 21st – a generation who often inadvertently share the sort of information that makes them easy prey for fraudsters.

 To engage with this tech-driven age group, the bank has commissioned an ‘invisible’ cinema which can only be seen through special glasses, underlining the need to keep personal details and passwords secret and ‘for your eyes alone’.

 Research carried out by Santander to understand the behaviours of 18 – 24 year olds, revealed that they commonly share even the most sensitive of data. Around 86 per cent of this generation do their banking online and of these, over four in ten have shared their online passwords.

 Meanwhile, 85 per cent have shared details on social media that could help build a personal profile exploitable by scammers, such as addresses, contact details, birthdays, family members, work and university details and less obvious information such as pet names which are often used as ‘memorable questions’ as part of security on websites. Several social media sites have the option for users to increase their privacy and security settings, but only half of 18-24 year-olds check and update these regularly.

Over two thirds (68 per cent) have made themselves even more vulnerable by using unsecured WiFi networks, such as those available in public spaces like coffee shops, to access sites that require passwords, carry personal data or are used to make financial transactions.

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