London world’s most sustainable city

London world’s most sustainable city


London must invest further in infrastructure if it is to remain the world’s most sustainable city, experts warn. The 2018 ”Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index” ranked London as number one, ahead of Stockholm, Frankfurt, Singapore, New York and Paris, when compared against three pillars of sustainability. 100 cities were ranked on social (the quality of life), environmental (including energy, pollution, and emissions) and economic (the city’s business environment and economic health).

While number one overall, London was second to Singapore in the economic category. The Capital’s ease of doing business, as well as being a top tourist attraction helped contribute to this ranking as did its multi-culturalism. London is also said to be one of the greenest capital cities on Earth, boasting over 3,000 parks and green spaces.

Despite this, policymakers in London are being warned. With the population set to pass 10 million in the next decade, house prices reaching an average of £500,000, and a public transport system that struggles to cope, London may lose its number one spot unless it invests in its future. This includes infrastructure such as Crossrail 2 and upgrades to the tube. Transport congestion and affordable housing are the main priorities to keep London in the top spot.

“London’s economic diversity, multi-culturalism, world class education system and abundance of good quality green space has propelled the Capital to the top spot in the “Arcadis Cities Index,” Peter Hogg, UK cities director at Arcadis, said. “With headlines dominated by Brexit and growing political and economic uncertainty, this is very encouraging news, but we can’t be complacent. Other cities will be vying for our position and we need to address our shortcomings.”


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