The Hampshire School Chelsea –  One of Chelsea’s best kept secrets

The Hampshire School Chelsea – One of Chelsea’s best kept secrets


Tucked away off The Kings’ Road is The Hampshire School, Chelsea: a 3-13+ preparatory school of historic significance, housed in the iconic old Chelsea Library. The School provides an outstanding education for Chelsea and Westminster families plus the international community in London. If parents are looking for a top notch private education, with spacious premises that are the envy of the London Prep School network, The Hampshire School Chelsea is the school to view.

Founded in 1928 by the visionary artist and celebrated actress June Hampshire, as an academically ambitious school with roots in the performing arts, it is a privilege to continue this legacy. As espoused in the School’s motto Alte Spectemus, The Hampshire School sets the bar high. Every child is different and unique and this is supported by a rich range of learning opportunities that encourages every child to excel outside of their comfort zone and challenge their thinking. From a young age at our EYFS setting in Wetherby Place, the School lays excellent foundations for a love of learning and a sense of aspiration.

Nothing can be more important than a child’s education. The happiness and wellbeing of the children is at the heart of everything that this school does. Great emphasis is placed on equipping the children with the emotional literacy they will require to negotiate the vicissitudes of life and to finding happiness and fulfilment. On entering both school sites at Manresa Road and Wetherby Place, one meets happy and fulfilled pupils who have the opportunity to explore and develop their place in life, to shine in a wide range of academia and STEAM subjects whilst being able to develop the resilience essential to great accomplishment. This school also has so much to offer beyond the classroom, with Chelsea Ballet lessons timetabled and over 60 extra- curricular activities per week that cater for children’s emerging talents.

As an approach to learning, I am passionate and committed to developing a Growth Mindset which promotes the idea that intelligence can be developed through hard work whilst building confidence, embracing challenge and viewing mistakes as portals to learning. This approach supports our belief in personalised learning being at the heart of all teaching and the imaginative, exciting and challenging curriculum stimulating intellectual curiosity and intellectual growth. There is no limit to what a child at The Hampshire School Chelsea can achieve and instilling a ‘not yet, don’t fail to try’ approach to learning encourages the path to success for all, and particularly in preparation for the 11+ and 13+ assessments.

The School’s five core values of: Resilience, Respect, Responsibility, Community and Excellence promote strong pastoral and academic qualities in every pupil. Furthermore, our Pupil Voice Programme ensures that the children’s opinions are valued and that many opportunities to contribute to the development of key areas of school life, such as: innovative technology, mind/body/soul and community, are provided. Excellence is now standard at The Hampshire School Chelsea; it is a very special place.


Dr Pamela Edmonds


The Hampshire School Chelsea

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