A Guide to Christmas Tree Recycling

A Guide to Christmas Tree Recycling


Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

If you can’t dispose of the tree yourself, the council can help. You can either take it to one of the Borough’s drop-off points, see rbkc.gov.uk for more information, or you can arrange to have it picked up. This can be done by calling Streetline at 020 7361 3001 after which your tree will be collected within 48 hours. You can also leave the tree for collection at the boundary of your property so that it is clearly visible from the kerb. This must be done before 7am. Remember to remove pots and decorations before doing so.


You can recycle your tree by taking it to a drop-off site. Visit cleanstreets.westminster.gov.uk for more information. Alternatively, any tree under 2 metres tall can be presented with a yellow sticker as part of the normal collection for business. Otherwise you can place your tree in with the normal rubbish, but you may need to cut it up first. The Borough also offers a special rate bulky business waste collection for large trees over 2 metres.


Hammersmith & Fulham

If your rubbish and/or recycling is collected in sacks outside your home you should leave your tree in the front garden or outside the property for recycling. If must be clearly visible from the streets and not hidden behind walls and plants, not have any pots or decorations, and not obstruct the pavement. It will be collected in the afternoon. There are also designated collection points to take it for recycling. For more information visit lbhf.gov.uk where the council has a dedicated page.


A free collection service is provided for two weeks in January. Otherwise the tree must be taken to Smugglers Way Reuse and Recycling centre in SW18 JS. Call 020 8871 2788 for more information. As with other Boroughs, decorations and pots must be removed first as the trees are sent for composting. You can also get in touch with the council at throughwandsworth.gov.uk.


Your tree will be collected as before, but you must remove all decorations and stands, leaving it outside on collection day beside your refuse and recycling. If it is not taken out on this day, leave it out on the next collection day or take it to one of the collection centres. If you live on a Lambeth housing estate, real Christmas trees will be collected from your bulky waste area. For more information visit love.lambeth.gov.uk

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