World Chess and Pentagram Design the Official SOUND OF CHESS

World Chess and Pentagram Design the Official SOUND OF CHESS


World Chess and celebrated designer, Daniel Weil of Pentagram, who has created the official sound of chess to mark the 2018 FIDE World Championships in London, have announced an official partnership.

The innovative digital platform allocates each chess piece and move to a particular sound, delivering a unique symphony dedicated to each game. The musical score for each match is titled Chess Notes – the symphony for the 2nd game of the championship, which saw reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen go head to head with Fabiano Caruana, can be found here.

Collaborating with chess since 2013, award winning designer Daniel Weil uses chess as a medium of conceptual art, and has produced the iconic chess set that is used by grandmasters in some of competitive chess’ most defining moments.

Ilya Merenzon, CEO World Chess says: “It’s incredible that Daniel has been able to translate the elegant moves on a chess board into a series of musical notes, creating a completely unique musical score that encapsulates the intensity and complexity of a game of chess.”

Daniel Weil, Partner at Pentagram says: “Sound has become the big activated experience of the digital age, everybody has headphones. By integrating sound into the chess experience, we are modernising it and giving it an experiential dimension. Injecting a sense of drama, scale and happening.”

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