Improving your children’s science grades through creativity

Improving your children’s science grades through creativity


For years I have been tutoring the sciences to students. Time and time again I meet pupils who have no idea of their potential in this subject and this is often because they are not being taught in a way which inspires them.

As a child I found it very difficult to concentrate in class, despite this I excelled in the sciences and graduated with three science degrees. Although I always found the sciences themselves very interesting I found the classes dull and boring, so I would go home and find a way to enjoy learning. I experimented with so many different learning techniques whether it be visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or mixing up these learning styles. Being determined to do well in these subjects and bring some creativity to the learning process, I made up dance routines to learn my timestables, put together my own puzzles and home experiments and made science revision tapes.

After graduating from my science degrees I decided to work as a Toxicologist. However working as a laboratory scientist was not very rewarding for me. I decided to start tutoring maths and science as I was not sure what I wanted to do and tutoring very quickly became my main profession. My success rates with my students have been amazing and have largely been attributed to the various study techniques I use, so next time your son or daughter is struggling with their science homework why not get creative with them.

Parveen Madher BSc MSc MPhil Professional Science Tutor


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