Free NHS app launches in Westminster

Free NHS app launches in Westminster


The NHS has launched a new app to help Westminster residents and patients. Health Help Now will allow people to manage GP and hospital appointments, as well as access the right local services and find health advice “in a hurry.” This comes as the NHS prepares for increased demand in the winter period.

“Health Help Now is a really useful one stop shop for residents to find local services and for trusted healthcare advice, says Dr Neville Purssell of NHS North West London. Often people don’t know where to go for help and might end up at A&E when they don’t really want or need to. The app helps to find alternative services and even book a GP appointment.”

The app will help in many different ways. Firstly, it will allow you to find the right service. This includes checking symptoms and find the best place for treatments, including whether or not to go to A&E.

It will allow patients to book and change both GP and hospital appointments, giving people more control over their treatment.

“It’s a great step forward to improving patient experience in Westminster,” Dr Purssell said. “It’s really easy to use and gives patients greater visibility of what’s available. There are lots of good health apps on offer but this is local and brings services and advice under one roof”.

For more information and to download the app, search Health Help Now.


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