Paul Cadden

Paul Cadden


Even if you’ve never seen a Hyperrealist artwork, you’ll know one if you see one. Hypperealism is an art movement that takes Photorealism’s dedication to reproducing reality as a mere starting point. Spurred by the development of digital editing programs, Hyperrealism allows for both a crystalline sharpness of image coupled with incandescently saturated colour beyond what prior artists could have dreamed of. The end result is that the artwork is able to bring reality into a focus which seems almost hallucinatory in its depth of field, and shattering in power.  

One of the most respected artists working in the genre is Paul Cadden, whose pencilled drawings are of such detail that they verge on the uncanny. Blurring the boundaries between photography and drawing his work creates lush, vibrant vistas out of the mundane through transitory settings and the urban environment. Cadden doesn’t so much reflect reality as simulate an entirely new one, building a vibrant universe from passing moments that in the real world would pass unnoticed. His black and white work achieves intensity generally unseen in pencil work, which allows him to infuse his art with emotional, social, cultural, and political themes in their margins. Talking about his own work Cadden surmises “My hopes through my art are to transport the viewer into another space which is always there but on reflection, is often missed. Through an accurate representation of ‘reality’ I aspire to give the viewer a new emotional perspective in which we can appreciate an affinity for everyday situations as we deal exclusively with how people appear, when in reality people are more than what we see.”

Cadden’s work has a subtlety is belied by the stunning detail of his art, by taking the ordinary and intensifying it, he creates imagery pregnant with social and emotive subtext. He is represented exclusively by the Plus One Gallery in London, which have many of his most evocative works and greatly benefit from being witnessed in the flesh.

The Plus One Gallery is currently following up their 2013 exhibition, with their second collaboration ‘Hiperrealisme’ opened 21st June at the Museu del Tabac, Andorra. This exhibition focuses on the three major themes within the genre; Still Life, Urban Landscape and Human Figure and features work by the most highly respected hyperrealist artists including Pedro Campos . This must-see exhibition will close 30th September 2018 and is a fantastic opportunity to view the best in Hyperrealism today. For more information please email or call the gallery on 020 7730 7656.

The Plus One Gallery is located in the Piper Building, Peterborough Road SW6 3EF

Open Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm by appointment only


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