Wheel of Life Explained

Wheel of Life Explained


Kadampa Meditation Centre London (Kensington)
Join Guest teacher, experienced Buddhist Nun, Gen Kelsang Lekma for an inspiring day course that will change your life. The Wheel of Life was a diagram drawn by Buddha and teaches the complete path to enlightenment as well as detailing the six realms of existence. Included within it are Buddha’s teachings on The Four Noble Truths, telling us what we should know, what we should abandon, what we should practice and what we should attain as well as the twelve-dependent-related links that reveal the inner mechanism that perpetuates a life of suffering.
Open to all, everyone will enjoy this enlightening, practical and contemplative event.

020 7937 7567

27-33 Earls Court Road, Kensington. W8 6ED


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