Southbank Centre Celebrates 250 Years Of Circus

Southbank Centre Celebrates 250 Years Of Circus


From Friday 17th August to Sunday 19th August the Southbank Centre is hosting a weekend of free workshops and performances to celebrate 250 years of circus.

While the circus has been a worldwide phenomenon since its inception, it seems that a classic trip to see the circus has become less of a traditional night out. Southbank’s fresh take on what has made the circus so special for such a sustained period of time promises to bring the art of the circus back to life.

Over the course of the weekend, Marawa’s Majorettes will be leading workshops and performing, and the group Backbone will be leading warm-ups to give participants a taste of what its like to be an acrobat.

On Friday and Saturday, longer performances by Roundhouse Steet Circus and Circus 250 will give a full circus experience. Friday night’s Roundhouse Street Circus presents a mix of contemporary circus and hip-hop for a night of ‘bold performances, live DJ sets and interactive jams’. Saturday night’s performance from Circus 250 will take the audience through 250 years of circus, allowing them to experience the evolution of the art in a celebratory evening of performances from a variety of acts.

Also performing are The Flying Bazazi Brothers presented by Nearly There Yet, super jugglers Ed Stephen and Kaveh Rahnama and students from the National Centre of Circus Arts offer impressive performances, with a range of talent and exciting skill.

No weekend celebrating circus would be complete without acknowledging The Greatest Showman, and fans of the movie can take part in an hour long Big Sing on Sunday, available for people of all ages and singing abilities.

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