SOAS: Discover a World of Possibilities

SOAS: Discover a World of Possibilities


Learning a language opens up a new world of possibilities and SOAS University of London has been a centre of excellence in language study since its founding. For those with time to study during the day we have Certificates /Diploma courses in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. These recognised qualifications have been proven to advance career prospects in variety of international companies and organisations or they can lead to an undergraduate degree. SOAS is one of the few places in the UK that offers recognised postgraduate qualifications in the Communicative Teaching of Arabic or Chinese. We are perhaps best known for our evening courses, which cover an unparalleled range of European and non-European languages at levels from Beginners to Advanced.

Language teaching is both our passion and our expertise. We continually diversify and up-date courses to give as much choice as possible. We now teach European languages, though the languages of Africa, Asia or the Middle East remain central to our mission. We believe that these languages are the key to understanding the distinctiveness of African, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures and their contribution to multicultural societies around the world.

Language diversity is a phenomenon to be valued and preserved through increasing the number of speakers of different world languages. Knowing the language(s) of a society is the key to accessing its distinct ways of formulating and communicating ideas and this enriches our understanding of the global village in which we live today.  The increasing interest of the UK in forging trade and commercial partnerships beyond the confines of Europe make the gaining of at least functional competence in one of these languages even more relevant than ever.

Some people are hesitant about learning a non-European language, especially if the pronunciation involves different tones or because the writing is not based on the Latin alphabet. Yet English is also full of strange expressions that puzzle its learners and the European languages that we teach (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) also have their own idiosyncracies. Every language presents its own unique challenges and dealing with them is part of the fun and the satisfaction of mastering a foreign language.

All that can confidently be said about learning any language is that regular systematic study, interesting and interactive learning activities and the support of an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher are key to success. You will find these key ingredients at SOAS Language Centre.  Our fun interactive classes, taught by native speaker teachers, are scheduled on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings or afternoons, so you can take a class that fits in with your lifestyle.

We hope that you will come and explore with us how learning a new language will open up new horizons for you and change the way you view the world. You will definitely find language study, whichever language you choose, a rich and rewarding experience. What better way to kick off the autumn than to discover a new world by learning a language?

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