Brains vs beauty: Love Island special


Love Island has been the talk of the masses since it started two weeks ago. The show aims to help contestants find love, with the winning couple winning £50,000. When money is involved in a show attempting to help people find love, it is slightly concerning. It defies the main point of what the show aims to provide: love. Some couples, however, have met on the show and remained together afterwards.

The first episode hooked many viewers, which was not a surprise considering the colossal cliff-hanger at the end of the show. It was virtually impossible not to carry on watching the rest of the series. Spoiler alert: Adam picked Kendall.

The activities that islanders carry out provoke viewers to think about problems they have encountered on the path to love.  For example, the islanders’ discussion on Brexit sparked anger. Many of the islanders who have been able to find love struggled to understand what Brexit even was, highlighting how uninformed some of the contestants were about current affairs.

There is an image- obsessed stereotype associated with people who are on the show, and the contestants certainly live up to that stereotype. They are obsessed with their appearances and run away from intelligence. Looking at the A&E doctor Alex, many would assume girls would be fighting for his attention. However, so far he has constantly caused people to cringe at their screens. None of the girls in the villa wanted to couple up with him in the first show, he lost a battle to win over the new girl Megan and it is questionable whether the newest entry Ellie likes him at all. On the other hand, Adam, a personal trainer from Newcastle, never fails to find a new girl to pine over him.

It is unfortunate that as a society we still seem to place looks on a pedestal. Of course if someone is better looking it is more likely that you will be attracted to them. However, many still neglect to get to know what is behind the “pretty” face. Stereotypical views of masculinity are the underlying reason why. Men are conditioned to think that they have to be tough. Women are encouraged to pick a strong man that will protect them. These toxic stereotypes have meant that guys like Adam are picked over those like Alex. Alex is soft spoken and very awkward on dates, but strength is defined by far more than just the size of your biceps or abs. Strength encompasses being true to yourself and having respect for yourself and those around you.

Love Island may be classed as “trash” TV. However, it teaches viewers a lot of important lessons. The show identifies that love is far deeper than what is seen on the surface. It is up to society to uncover the complete meaning of love.

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