Westminster is London’s crime capital


Contrary to its tourist-friendly image, new research by property buyers Good Move has shown that Westminster is London’s worst borough for crime.

With over one million crimes committed in London in 2017, Westminster was the largest contributor totalling 68,888 reported incidents.There are a number of causes behind this figure: anti-social behaviour, which constituted a fifth of the crimes, remains a major problem in the borough. The second worst crime, constituting 14% of the reported crimes, were violent and sexual offences.

Westminster also took the top spot for theft, in which 8,063 crimes were reported. Behind Westminster were Islington (5,905), Camden (5,893) and Hackney (3,589). This news could not come at worse time for the traditionally Conservative council, as Westminster is proving to be a hotly contested battleground in the upcoming May 3rd local elections, with rising crime rates proving to be one of the central issues in voter’s minds.

Using the police data, the top five crime-ridden London boroughs have been revealed:

Westminster – 68,888 crimes committed

Tower Hamlets – 44,548 crimes committed

Camden – 44,546 crimes committed

Lambeth – 44,117 crimes committed

Newham – 41,787 crimes committed

Ross Counsell, Director at Good Move, said: “With crime rising in the UK, we think it’s essential for people to be aware of exactly what’s happening in their area – as well as any area they might be thinking about moving to.”

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