Controversial Armenian Prime Minister announces resignation amid growing protests


Newly appointed Prime Minister, Serzh Sargsyan, facing mass demonstrations has announced his resignation today after tens of thousands took to the streets, blocking roads and staging sit-ins over the course of 11 days demanding his resignation.

Sargsyan was president of Armenia for ten years which saw Armenia’s economic situation worsen with high unemployment, rampant depopulation, and rising poverty. Sargsyan was recently elected Prime Minister by a national parliament stacked with Sargsyan loyalists. Constitutional changes enacted in 2015 which took effect this month also vested in the office of the Prime Minister nearly all of the powers previously held by the President. The constitutional changes also scrapped direct elections of the President.

His resignation comes on the same day in which hundreds of uniformed soldiers took to the streets in protest alongside regular citizens despite being threatened with harsh consequences. They waved national flags and hugged other protesters in shows of support. The soldiers came to the streets a day after Armenian police arrested two hundred demonstrators and three opposition leaders.

Over the course of the 11 days of mass demonstrations many major roads and highways were blocked off and police had abandoned the streets to protesters who had taken over regulating traffic themselves.

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