Digital Gods versus Print


KCW Today celebrates 7 years next month with the publication of its 72nd edition since its inception in May 2011. Last year our paper was shortlisted for Newspaper of the Year Award 2017.

The title has grown in content, stature, and circulation and we are constantly amazed and delighted to receive praise and accolades from readers not only in London but from all over the UK. Most people we talk to are passionate about print and reading as we are at KCW Today. We feel as they do that print should be encouraged to continue its important role in society
today more than ever before. Whilst we have benefited in overwhelming terms from the arrival of the Internet
it is increasingly evident that this digital tsunami is diminishing appetites for traditional reading and writing, endangering the benefits that attend with these good practices. Contemplation, the art of thinking, discovery, respect and the value of written words, are replaced with shortcuts to knowledge via instant communication ‘skills’ and vocabulary lacking in substance.

There is much good to be said about cybergate too. As fast as it spreads violence and hatred it also bolsters support against it. This was shown recently when hundreds of thousands of students joined the pro-gun control March for Our Lives rallies across the US. Martin Luther King Jnr’s granddaughter, age 9, was involved and events took place at more than 800 global locations
including London, Sydney, and Tokyo. None of this would have been possible, at such speed, without the internet. I do not want to decry the great value of this damascene, addictive tool. We work with it constantly here but we do need to measure, moderate and complement its seismic benefits. We can work alongside the burgeoning medium, harness its force and use it also to promote the traditional skills that are found in the power of print and the value of the written word.

Whilst we cannot predict the impact it will have on our social history we can continue to contribute, improve our journalistic skills and attract more readers and writers to do the same. We want to provide a platform for great journalism, the written word and those that want to read it, write it, and express their views

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