Review: Madison Beer at the 02 Academy


By Luisa Polch

Luisa is an 17-year-old German exchange student currently doing two weeks of work experience at KCW Today.

Madison Beer is a 19-year old Pop- singer from the US who became famous by being discovered through her YouTube videos by Justin Bieber which should give readers an impression of what kind of artist she is and the type of audience she attracts. I’ve been following her career since 2012 and always really enjoyed her music so I had to buy tickets for her show in London when she announced a world tour.     

As I got to the O2 academy, I could already tell that the concert attracted a younger age range from about 11-15. When we started waiting in line at 5:30pm, we were shortly sent back to a different line further in the back by a security guard but being German, we are decided to go back to the first line and move further up in the queue. We immediately realised that this was a huge mistake as we received death stares from the other girls in line.  But since nobody said anything to us we just stayed in our place until suddenly the people in front of us started moving, partly running towards the entrance. However, it was a false alarm and the doors did not open.  But the people in the back didn’t know that and moved further up in line which, in turn, forced me forward. Little did I know that an irritable mother was right in front of me, with a little nine-year-old girl. You may be asking yourselves what a nine-year-old doing at a concert on a Sunday night? Because so was I.  I was so not ready for the storm that followed.  The mother of the little girl and another woman, supposedly her aunt turned around and started screaming at me in language that is probably too coarse to repeat. While I’m trying to explain myself to her that I was not pushing anybody’s child.  The mother decided to ignore all my reasonable arguments and continued to yell at me until she was content with her tantrum. I was then very relieved when the doors finally opened and it was time for the concert to start.

Since this is Madison’s first ever tour, the place was very small but crowded by tons of young girls. So when the support act started playing it even got to the point where girls had to be carried out by security because they passed out. I almost felt like passing out myself when I saw her on stage because I’ve never seen someone as drop-dead gorgeous as her.

She began by singing one of her songs from her new album ‘Teenager in Love’ and I was impressed by how beautiful her voice sounded since I’ve seen some videos of her before where her singing was not as good.  Hearing her voice also made me forget about the horrific incident I had in the Queue and I was happy to fully give myself into the music. Well… that’s at least what I thought. The girls in front of me had made it their goal to annoy the shit out of everybody and scream at some random apparently famous dude in the VIP area upstairs. So while Madison was singing ‘Jealous’ a beautiful calming song by Labrinth these girls decided to scream over it the whole time sounding like angry baboons. However the microphone was also a little too quiet leading to hearing more of the fans instead of Madison’s singing.  She also had a guest star there, Conor Maynard who is also famous for posting song mashups on Youtube.  They sang the mashup they did together which created an amazing atmosphere in the room because their voices were in perfect harmony to each other.  Her performance didn’t involve a extravagant choreography but it suited the songs and the vibe of the concert. After she had performed her last song ‘Dead’ which is also the Single of the album, she left the stage but shortly came back to God’s Plan by Drake playing and singing along with the whole crowd.  Altogether I must say that it has been an enriching experience and the concert made me forget about everything that happened prior to it.

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