Government report finds 4 in 10 children in London live in poverty


Berit Bartsch

37% of children in London are living in poverty, recent government figures reveal.

The report, put together by the HBAI, the Households Below Average Income Organisation, found over 70000 children are struggling financially in London. These numbers are higher than the number of impoverished children in than Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland put together.

The numbers of child poverty in the capital are continuously higher than in any other region in England.

Laura Payne, Project Manager of 4in10, the London Child Poverty Network, said: “These figures show an embedding of child poverty and disadvantage in London – it’s deeply concerning that no progress is being made.”

The report found that two thirds of children in poverty are living in working households which indicates that this problem is not just about employment rates. Instead, low pay, rising living costs, London’s housing crisis, and cuts to Government support for working and non-working household are leaving families trapped in financial difficulties that are hard to get out of.

The HBAI claims things could all be improved by the London council, if they pay and promote the London Living Wage, offer reductions for families who are too poor to pay their council tax, and promised not to use bailiffs on their poorest residents.

4in10 is an organisation that supports London’s Child Poverty Network and works as part of a wider alliance on practical recommendations for Local Authorities to reduce the impact of poverty on low income families. It is funded by Trust for London and City Bridge Trust and hosted by the charity Children England.

Laura Payne wants to see new administrations committed to doing more for London’s families after the elections in May.




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