Learning Science through Slime


Pupils at St James Senior Girls’ School (www.stjamesgirls.co.uk) have been taking their slime-making skills to another level by conducting individual scientific research projects into slime as part of a Year 7 science competition.

Each pupil was given their own independent investigation to carry out in order to explore a feature of slime such as the effect caused by heating or cooling it. This practical work was undertaken in the school labs and pupils presented the results of their research on individual posters which were displayed at a special event held at the school on Thursday 1st February.

At this presentation, girls explained their research and findings to parents and visitors including Year 6 pupils from neighbouring Avonmore Primary School. St James also invited a small panel of judges to the event including a former Head of Science and an alumna who has just graduated from the University of Oxford in Biomedical Sciences.

Congratulations to Maria, Elizabeth, Sabrina and Alexandra who all won prizes for their projects as well as Arianna and Ines who have been recognised for the effort they put in to their projects.

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