Who’s afraid of Julia Kristeva? New film by Iskra Angelova in the London International Documentary Film Festival

Who’s afraid of Julia Kristeva? New film by Iskra Angelova in the London International Documentary Film Festival


Iskra Angelova’s new film tells the story of a successful and controversial figure. A psychoanalyst, linguist, semiotician, philosopher and feminist, Julia Kristeva is a woman of many disciplines.

The film is set in Bulgaria, 1966 where the Balkan nation remains behind the Iron Curtain. Kristeva, a young and smart student, goes to Paris on a scholarship from the French government. There she finds herself among the cream of the French intelligentsia, where she meets the leader of the movement Tel Quel, Philippe Sollers. The two instantly fall in love and marry. She begins to work with Claude Lévi-Strauss, Jacques Derrida, Lucien Goldmann, Roland Barthes and Jacques Lacan.

The film has been accepted by the London International Documentary Festival, which is London’s oldest and largest documentary festival. The LIDF offers an unprecedented all year-round snapshot of the contemporary world. The festival adopts a questioning, critical attitude to the cultural, social and political issues of the day, engaging with filmmakers, their subjects, and our audience to create a highly distinct environment for cultural interaction.

The LIDF arose from a commitment to what it called, and continues to call, ‘Conversations in Film’. These conversations go beyond the films themselves. The intention is to throw light not only on the film process, but also on the role of documentarians as essayist, polemicist, poet, agitator, and knowledge producer. Audiences are actively encouraged to take part in these discussions and contribute directly to the debates.

Now in it’s tenth year, the London International Documentary Festival presents another strong and diverse line-up, investigating areas of personal and global politics – provoking and encouraging audiences to respond.

This year’s films come from over 45 countries and are directed by established as well as first-time filmmakers. It’s a provocative and inspiring lineup of over 100 films presented in timely strands that are designed to spark debate.

The LIDF’s host venue this year is ‘The Archivist’ (http://www.thearchivist.co.uk), situated on the canal with a cafe/ bar and restaurant, perfect for post film socialising and discussion. The film ‘Who’s Afraid of Julia Kristeva?’ will premier at 8pm on the 25th November at the host venue.

For the full official LIDF selection, please visit: http://www.lidf.co.uk/lidf17-official-selection/

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