Old Kent Road making moves on Monopoly board

Old Kent Road making moves on Monopoly board


The Old Kent Road is no longer Monopoly’s bargain buy, with skyrocketing land
prices valuing it at hundreds of millions, according to research from online casino Casumo.com.

Land prices on the Old Kent Road, which is the longest road on the board, used to be the least
expensive but are now worth an estimated £354million – placing it 16th on the list.

While Mayfair remains at the top with a value of £3.60billion, Park Lane (£955m), Oxford Street
(£935m) and the Strand (£544m) closely follow.

Liverpool Street Station is classed as the most expensive station, valued at £2.66B following the
growth in popularity of Shoreditch over the past few years, with Kings Cross at £1.7B, Fenchurch
Street Station £1.19B and Marylebone Station slipping to fourth with a land price of £850m.

Bottom of the list in 26th (unsurprisingly) is Vine Street, the shortest street on the Monopoly board,
and has a land price of just £26m.

Richard Gargan, spokesperson for Casumo, said: “Everyone has played the entertaining yet
infuriating game of Monopoly, and these figures are a fun take on modern London compared to
previous land values.

“It’s interesting to see how some land prices have rocketed, while others have plateaued, and the
images that we took go to show how London has grown since the board’s initial release back in

The list was generated based on estimated 2011 land values, with an additional index increase

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