Labour Party Conference: Corbyn’s keynote speech

Labour Party Conference: Corbyn’s keynote speech


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech today (Wednesday 27th September) at the party conference described Labour as “ready for government”.

As Corbyn took the stage at the annual conference in Brighton, the chants of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” took minutes to die down, as the crowd ignored his call for “order”.

Corbyn told his party they must make sure the whole country is infected with the same energy.

The Labour leader said they were a “united party advancing in every part in Britain” and boldly stated that it was on the “threshold of power”.

He criticised the government as being “weak and divided…with no purpose other than clinging to power” and said that May has a “coalition of chaos around her own cabinet table”.

On Brexit, Deputy leader Tom Watson, who preceded Corbyn’s speech, said the party was not ruling out a second referendum.

Corbyn did not touch on this, but warned the government to “pull yourself together or make way”. He claimed that the Labour party is the only one to bring together those who voted leave, and those who voted remain.

If in power, Corbyn promised to lift the public sector pay cap, calling this policy “not an act of charity” but “a necessity”.

The Labour leader vowed to make housing a party priority, promising rent controls and a crackdown on “gentrification and social cleansing”.

Corbyn claimed Conservative austerity was a factor of the Grenfell fire. He said: “That degraded regime has a tragic monument: the chilling wreckage of Grenfell Tower.”

A prominent theme of Corbyn’s speech was the unifying nature of his party, accusing the Conservatives of pitting young and old against each other, whereas Labour has been “winning support in every social and age group”.

“Under Labour, people win together!”


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