Danish Pizzeria arrives at Battersea Power Station with a bang

Danish Pizzeria arrives at Battersea Power Station with a bang


On Saturday 29th, Mother Pizza opened their first UK location at the Battersea Power Station. People queued in the rain throughout the day for their first taste of the Danish company’s free pizza slice handouts. Owner David Biffani said they had prepared for 2,000 pizzas. It may not have been enough!

The pizzeria has truly started with a bang. They first opened in Copenhagen and came up with the ingenious idea of making their pizza dough with distilled sea water. There is no need for added salt and the water gives the dough an extra lightness. The new venue is a long repurposed tunnel. This gives it a trendy casualness and they have cleverly separated the sections into different styles. The front is more of a long table, communal seating area. The middle section is great for sitting at the bar and watching the pizzas being thrown into the air. The far section is a more typical sit-down four-person table dining experience. The place was totally packed and the event, that lasted through to the late evening, was a promising welcome for these Danish pizza-makers.

There has long been anticipation around the Battersea Power Station works and if Mother is anything to go on, it’s off to a great start.

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