Plastic ‘Nurdles’ discovered littered across beaches

Plastic ‘Nurdles’ discovered littered across beaches


A search of 279 beaches around the UK has found that almost three-quarters of them were littered with tiny plastic “nurdles”. The lentil sized pellets, which are used as a raw material for plastic products can cause damage to such wildlife as birds and fish, which eat them.

Campaigners estimate that up to 53 billion of the tiny pellets escape into the UK’s environment each year, during their manufacture and use. The nurdles are often spilt accidentally into rivers and oceans or fall into drains where they are washed out to sea.

Madeleine Berg of Fidra, a Scottish environmental charity which organised the hunt, said it showed action was needed, asserting that  “We are asking the UK government to ensure best practice is in place along the full plastic supply chain, and any further nurdle pollution is stopped.”

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