Government donates £40 million to prevent child trafficking


The Home Secretary Amber Rudd has agreed to take action against child trafficking promising £40 million to various charities involved in the protection of children from sexual exploitation.

£20 million will be going towards the National Crime Agency, preventing child sexual exploitation occurring online and a further £2.2 million will go towards companies aiming to stop child trafficking.

Children should be able to grow up free from the horrors of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Something that should go without saying, but sadly that’s not the case,” Home Secretary, Amber Rudon wrote on Mumsnet after visiting a counselling centre run by the charity Barnardo’s in Manchester that takes care of many young victims of sexual abuse.

“We will use our collective experience and expertise to develop a greater understanding of what works in the fight against child sexual abuse and to improve responses,” said Chief executive of Barnardo’s Javed Khan.  

“Using the previous government funding we have been able to nearly double the number of dedicated officers working to tackle [Child Sexual Exploitation] to more than 300,” said Director of the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, Will Kerr.

The Government has also pledged to:

  • Donate £2.2 million towards the Disrespect NoBody Campaign
  • Pay an extra £7 million helping towards a wide range of charities, doubling to £14 million within the third year
  • Maintain “together, we can tackle child abuse” campaign which teaches people the actions to take if they feel a child is in danger. It also informs people the signs of a child who is being abused.
  • A redefined definition of child exploitation to make sure professionals across London share the same understanding of what it is.

By Sibel Hassan

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