London property on the top of luxury real estate


Despite the uncertainty of Brexit London property is at the top of the Alpha Cities ranking . The index is part of the ‘Global Property Handbook’ by a collaboration between Wealth-X, Warburg Realty, and Barnes International Realty.

This first report shows London as the most desirable city in the world to purchase luxury property, followed by New York and Tokyo.

As shared by Wealth-X, the Alpha Cities ranks the ‘overall attractiveness of a city for wealthy individuals when considering a luxury real estate purchase’.

Also, ‘the report reveals that 10% of ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals – those with a net worth of $30 million or more – own five properties or more’.

The ‘Global Property Handbook’ also offers information on emerging markets, such as Berlin or Lisbon. It gives each city a score out of 100 based on three factors: practical, emotional and financial. 

The second most desirable city for luxury real estate in the United Kingdom according to the ranking is Manchester, on the 26th position, along with Madrid and Copenhagen.

Properties that would be suitable as a real estate investment under the luxury category in London, could be the following:

London Property

This 285sq meters 3-bedroom penthouse in South Kensington with a roof terrace, jacuzzy and gym sales at 10,000,000 at Breteuil, where you will find many high-end London property.

Another good option, and at a lower price but just as luxurious nonetheless, would be this one:

This 5-bedroom property in Fulham has a stunning terrace with a 360º view and 279sq meters, all in a superb location, not to forget the impressive indoor swimming pool.

Although the outcome of Brexit is not very clear yet, it seems like London property is still ahead of the luxury real estate market, and offers a wide range of top-quality properties for those who desire to invest in the UK capital. Furthermore, London has an exquisite variety of boroughs with their own unique charm.




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